IB Curriculum Pack

The Perfect Automation Software for International Baccalaureate Schools

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From Collaborative Unit Planning to Automated Assessments, empower your IB Coordinators, Student Advisors, Students and Parents to eliminate repetitive work and get a clear picture of your entire school. 


Track student activities & progress for their Unit Plans, let students record their Reflections, Plan the units through out the Academic Session and provide clarity to all stakeholders.


Empower your Diploma Students to create their own CAS Experience with automated workflows for approvals and assessments. Rich functional editors for Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge make learning and recording fun. 


Built for Simplicity & Efficiency

Parameterised transdisciplinary themes, key concepts, skills, attitudes and more allows complete flexibility to Schools.

Build Units of Inquiry and specialist subjects using customisable assessment criteria. Evaluate transdisciplinary skills, attitudes and learning outcomes, while providing homeroom teacher feedback.

Automatically Generate IB System compatible Gradebooks and Report Cards.

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Service as Action, Unit Planner, Personal Projects

Automate the workflow, build perfect planners and schedules, complete SA activities on time and with perfection, Assessment student achievements with more clarity.


DP Complete

Build and track CAS Experiences, assign Supervisors, allow CAS Coordinator Monitoring of Progress. Create beautiful EE submissions using most advanced text editors, add reference links, videos, attach files to cloud storage, and more.

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One unified platform to Service and automate your entire School.

Built in consultation with some of the most accomplished IB thought leaders from across the world. 

"What a slick app this is - I've been searching forever for something like this to come along - WOW"

customer Anne Bracken - IB Coordinator

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The IB pack is due for release soon. More than 3800 Educational Institutions from over 135 countries already use SchoolTime. 

*SchoolTime has been developed independently from the IB

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